Stuhrling Watches History

The Stuhrling is a company that goes well into the 18th century – started off a watch manufacturer but now has expanded its roots to other projects. It has derived its roots from Swiss watchmaking standards since its inception.

Stuhrling Watches History

In the modern era, Stuhrling watches exhibit traditional qualities, while at the same time maintaining a new look. A surge of new technologies have not stopped Stuhrling watches from being in demand primarily because of its ability to self wind.

Early History

The historic era of Swiss watches didn’t see a shortage of Stuhrling either, when other bigger names were just coming on the market. Despite the tough competition, Stuhrling mastered some really important and critical features, which resulted in an array of top line models.

Some of those notable features were chronographs and a one of a kind moon phase indicator. He was allegedly an unknown virtuoso working as a hermit, creating the finest and exact developments for probably the most celebrated watchmakers of the time.


Things would soon change though, and like many other such geniuses who worked in secrecy, Stuhrling too, would grow tired of life. A little bit of soul searching resulted in a worry that only the rich could afford his complex watches. The average Joe or Stuhrling himself couldn’t actually afford to buy those watches – even after splurging their entire savings of the year.

This really got to Stuhrling and in a fit of rage he got into a brutal fight with one of his colleagues and ended up breaking his hand – a grave injury for someone who needs to be fit to continue working the way he was. Undeterred and unshaken, Stührling marched on and taught his son, Max Stuhrling to continue his legacy.

Stuhrling finally did recover from the injury that he sustained, but the creative genius in him had died down long ago, and soon after, he left earth before even reaching fifty years of age. Completely broke, and battered in death, he never actually received the laurels that he so rightfully deserved. Some of his extended family did try to revive the business but to no avail. There was pretty much no one involved in watch making anymore by the middle of the 20th century.

Max Stuhrling III stayed in contact with the business, yet it would be his child – Max Stuhrling IV – who continue the work of his grand dad. In 1999, Max Stuhrling IV entered the watch-production business. He had resolved to make Stuhrling watches with the same tender loving care as his grand dad’s watches, additionally making more complicated and advanced watches that many people could manage to buy without shelling out too much. He guaranteed that his grand dad’s most prominent concern would soon be a reality.


Modern Presence

It that is that very determination that has established Stuhrling as a well renowned brand today – they are some of the most finest watches in the current market. A blend of both traditional methods and modern technology – no other timepiece really comes close in uniqueness and comparison. A sturdy marketing campaign has also enabled Stuhrling to be recognised as a watchmaker who offers something that is original, valuable and groundbreaking.

Never are the watches from Stührling alike, each of them receive special care and a lot of work goes into research and development. Be that as it may, no sentiment is ever consistent, and a few shoppers keep on expressing dissent toward the Stuhrling brand, because of a rumored faulty trustworthiness.

However Stuhrling is never know to back down, and they are currently taking after that guarantee and legacy as a mission to shield those high values. Each and every Model of Stuhrling Original passes on a unique story with additional customary style. Each watch authority will acknowledge and have a high respect for the hypnotizing collection for men and ladies that Stuhrling has to offer.


In the event that you are searching for another watch for a business look, the Stuhrling Original is a brand which you should never miss to have a look at.

Stuhrling Watches are accessible in an extensive variety of assortment and styles, traditional plans to contemporary and one thing which you should remember is, each design is unique and reasonable. Stuhrling Original Watches are surely, the best decision you’ll make any day.

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